Kerbey Lane Pancakes

Food: Kerbey Lane Gingerbread Pancakes

Ryan turned us on to Kerbey Lane in Austin back when he was at school there. Recently Diane and I found this mix at the store and picked it up. This morning I decided it was time to fix it. NOM, NOM, NOM!

River and flour mill

Looking upriver

Yes I DID get a new camera for Christmas and YES I do love it. Spending a little time with it right now getting to know all it's little differences so I've not got much to post from it. However, I'm also spending some time going through all my pictures from 2010. As I find good ones I'm posting them to my flickr account. Since these are "older" pictures I may not post many here but if I run across particularly good ones I'll send them up. The picture above was taken in January of 2010 at the lower section of the San Antonio River. They are really making it pretty down there and I liked looking back upstream and seeing the Pioneer Flour mill tower.

I'm also joining a couple of "photo projects" for this year. One is a shot a day (I don't plan on getting one every day but the ideas are perfect). The second one is a concept a week. I think I'll do much better with keeping up with this group because I have an entire week to plan and shoot. We'll see how it works out.