Cinnamon Rolls

This year a resolve to take more pictures and post them...but it may be on Google+!

I made these today because I've been telling Diane for weeks that I was going to. I finally got up and just started cooking. They were/are yummy!


Crystal was the youngest of the group. She had a cute demeanor and is very photogenic.


Zsophia was very gregarious, patient and helpful. She also seemed the best at adjusting her poses and facial expressions.


Larissa had a gorgeous and natural smile.


This could have been the most photogenic of the models last Sunday. I ended up with tons of shots of her and many of them were pretty good!


Last Sunday I had the opportunity to photograph 5 models around a pool. All were wonderful and I learned a lot about taking portraits. This is Svetlana.



I wish I knew what kind of flower this is. In any case, I like the shot. Again, this was taken at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio.



One of my favorites from the Japanese Tea Garden.



This last Saturday I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio with several photo friends. I didn't get many pictures but the few I got were definitely keepers.

Sunset at Inks Lake

wSunset on Inks Lake

I had a great time at Inks Lake with the Squires and Dads. It was a bit breezy the first afternoon but once that died down the weather was wonderful. Saturday I caught some wonderful photographs of which this is one. Texas Parks and Wildlike has a wonderful park there and I suggest anyone go who wants a nice drive and beautiful location.


Camping Feet

I went camping at Inks Lake with Squires from our church. The TPWD campground there was wonderful and only takes 1.5 hours to get to from my house. We had a great time. I'm not sure what the boys did. I just relaxed.



This was taken at the Japanese Tea Garden a.k.a. Sunken Garden last summer. Many pictures weren't all that great but this one seemed nice.

Cave without a Name

Cave without a Name

More from the cave series. I really enjoyed this outing.


Cave without a Name

Last spring several photographers got the opportunity to explore "Cave without a Name" in central Texas. While it is publicly owned and tours go through every day, we were allowed access for two hours before the tourists. It was very fun and is a beautiful cave. If you get a chance I suggest you go out there.

Gerbera Daisy - red, reflected

Gerbera Daisy

It's amazing how much more I like my pictures when looking at them one year later! :)

Bluebonnets and farm house

Bluebonnets and Farm House

From 2010. This year I went by this place and there wasn't a flower to be seen. Pity.

Playing Alone

Playing alone

Yes, it's been forever since I last posted. Life has been keeping me away from my picture computer. But never fear. I have lots of shots to post dating back to Easter of last year. I hope to get several of them up this weekend!

Kerbey Lane Pancakes

Food: Kerbey Lane Gingerbread Pancakes

Ryan turned us on to Kerbey Lane in Austin back when he was at school there. Recently Diane and I found this mix at the store and picked it up. This morning I decided it was time to fix it. NOM, NOM, NOM!

River and flour mill

Looking upriver

Yes I DID get a new camera for Christmas and YES I do love it. Spending a little time with it right now getting to know all it's little differences so I've not got much to post from it. However, I'm also spending some time going through all my pictures from 2010. As I find good ones I'm posting them to my flickr account. Since these are "older" pictures I may not post many here but if I run across particularly good ones I'll send them up. The picture above was taken in January of 2010 at the lower section of the San Antonio River. They are really making it pretty down there and I liked looking back upstream and seeing the Pioneer Flour mill tower.

I'm also joining a couple of "photo projects" for this year. One is a shot a day (I don't plan on getting one every day but the ideas are perfect). The second one is a concept a week. I think I'll do much better with keeping up with this group because I have an entire week to plan and shoot. We'll see how it works out.