Hydrangea and Pears

Hydrangea and Pears

I was especially pleased with how this came out. I might print it and put it on my wall.

Bee and Rosemary

bee & rosemary

Best shot I got of this. I'm going to have to start working on the stop-action stuff. Maybe with my new camera...

Love my macro lens!

Cricket/Bug II

A bug I found while on the camping trip in October. I just love my macro lens! Isn't this cool?

Cricket/Bug I

Cut Roses


Can you tell that my cats nibbled on these? Grrrrr

Still Life with Pears, Grapes and Flowers

Still Life with grapes pears and flowers

I've got several more I'd like to post this week. Maybe I'll get to them! Christmas was good and I'm well on the way to getting a new camera. Hopefully the spring will be quiet enough to do a bit more picture taking/posting than I have in the past several months.


Arthur and Still Life

Colin's cat just had to find out what I was doing!

Cribbage Game

Cribbage Game

A still life I toyed with recently. I love this beautiful, hand-made cribbage board I bought in Seattle. Too bad not many people play any more. Been way too busy at work to even mess with pictures. Hopefully things will change with the new year.



Desmond's Christmas portrait



from The Daily Shoot: "Today's color is red. Make a photograph dominated by the color and post it today."

Holiday Break - Day 1

Our day started of by getting blood tests (worry not, annual physical) and then stopping by Diane's favorite breakfast place (well, one of several) - Panera Bread. Now, we're off for more shopping.

Location : Access Route 1604, San Antonio, TX 78258,
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