Victoria Harbor at Sunset

Victoria Harbor

And we close the Victoria portion of our trip with this shot of the harbor at sunset. With the kayak in the middle ground and a beautiful sunset, I just couldn't resist this picture. After we left here we drove over by Diana and Patrick's apartment and then went to a "Tim Horton's" coffee shop (they swear it's better than Starbucks - what do I know?). I went to pay for our coffee with a $20 bill and the counter girl looked at it like it was some piece of trash. About then Diana grabed my arm and said, "You don't want to pay with that! Your change will be Canadian money you can't spend!" Ooops, forgot I was in another country.

At about 11pm we headed back to the Zaandam for our last night on the ship. When I woke up early on Friday morning we were already docked and the HAL workers were unloading suitcases.

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