Surprise! I'm back! Between summer lethargy, getting a new "smart" phone and celebrating Diane's birthday I just got out of the habit of posting pictures. I've been TAKING pictures just not cleaning and posting them. So, here I am on Labor day weekend trying to catch up. I've formally given up on the 365 project. I knew from the outset that it would be difficult for me to complete. I've gone from "taking and posting a picture every day" to "posting at least 7 pictures every week" to "at least posting 365 pictures this year" to (now) "I'm gonna post as much as possible." This doesn't really mean you are going to get fewer pictures. It's just that I'm going to quit numbering and categorizing my shots as if I'm going to finish this project.

Lupine - closer

So, these lupines...or Bluebonnets as we know them in Texas. We saw them everywhere we went in Alaska. At first we were surprised but then it became pretty common place. I later found out that this plant is grown all over the northern hemisphere and some are FAR larger and bluer than the ones we see here at home.

Lupine - closest

I especially liked this shot. Trying to get a "macro" (really, REALLY up close for you non-photo people) shot while hand-holding your camera is darned near impossible. Especially when you are as old as me!

More pictures to come. Today! I promise!

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