145/376 - Derrick

“Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it's addressed to someone else.”     ~Ivern Ball
Ok, so when we decided to take our cruise we were given a list of possible excursions to take at each stop. Diane and I have watched "Deadliest Catch" for years and I found in Ketchikan the opportunity get on one of the boats used in years two and three of that show. Diane, of course, said she would happily wave at me from the dock and then go shopping. The picture above is of Derrick, the captain of the Aleutian Ballad.

I knew going in that we weren't going to see anything remotely resembling the weather and seas that the fishing vessels on Deadliest Catch encounter but the write up for the excursion made it intriguing. They said that over the course of 3 hours the audience would get an opportunity to hear about various fishing methods (crab and otherwise), observe caught critters put into an aquarium, visit with experienced crab fishers and all the while have the opportunity to observe marine wildlife off the side of the boat. I was "all in!"

I have to say that this was #2 on the list of coolest things I did on this cruise. Meeting the fishermen and learning of their lives, watching them actually work a couple of crab pots and taking some of the best pictures of the trip made this memorable. The next several pictures will give you an idea of how much fun I had.

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