123/376 - Flowers at Glacier Gardens

Flowers at Glacier Gardens
“Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.”     ~Malcolm S. Forbes
Did I mention we had a fire alarm go off during our first night on the ship? Somewhere around 2am I awoke to a loud clanging bell. I mumbled something to Diane about "I think that's the drill alarm thing!" And she asked what I was talking about (she was just waking up). About that time the captain came on over the loud speaker and announced that they had found a small amount of smoke in the engine room but that it probably wasn't anything and for everyone to stay in their room rather than donning life jackets and standing next to our lifeboats. A few minutes after that he confirmed the situation was ok and for everyone to go back to sleep. Diane reminded me that when we took the "barf-a-rama" cruise(gambling boat off Port Isabel where she puked all night) many years ago and came back to the condo the fire alarm there rang for 20+ minutes until we woke up. As we exited the building all the other residents were looking at us like we were out of our minds. Anyhow, on Saturday morning at breakfast one of the waiters asked how we slept and I said, "You mean besides the fire alarm?" and the waiter was surprised to hear about it! He told us (in a strong Indonesian accent), "Well I guess I slept well!"

The flower above was shot at Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure. A rather cool place in Juneau where a guy has taken tree stumps out of the ground, turned them upside down and used the root system as a canopy for putting plantings of annual flowers. In addition to that there is a cart ride up the rainforest mountain. The whole thing was gorgeous as you'll see in the next couple of pictures. The flowers grown here are OUTSTANDING and lush - I'm sure it probably has something to do with being in a rainforest and all.

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