114/376 - Pike Place Market Sign

Seattle's Pike Place Market Sign
“Farmers markets are green shoots coming out of the gun. They represent hope and they need to be cultivated.”     ~Jerry Brown
After I took this picture (several actually) I went into a drug store and saw a postcard with nearly the exact same shot. So what if it's a cliche, I like it! Pike Place Market started in 1907 and is one of the oldest continually run markets in the US. If you've seen videos, books and jokes about fish throwing, it started here at the Pike Place Fish Market (another photo coming soon!). Also, Starbuck's started here (or very close by) so this really was a mecca for Diane!

There is something about farmer's markets that I just love. The photography just comes natural and the sights and smells are wonderful. I especially liked that you could get meat and seafood at this market.

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