DC Snow

My son and his lovely wife are living in DC where, apparently, the Gods of Winter have taken up residence. Earlier today I saw him playing WoW and he told me they had 20 inches of snow where he lives and there was 30 inches in an area about 30 miles north of them. They are young, have plenty of food and I'm sure they can find things to keep them busy for the weekend and possibly on Monday.

What really amuses me, though, is the various phrases people online or in the news have been using to describe this event. So far I've heard: "snowpocalypse '10" and "snomageddon." As I see more I'll edit this post and add them in. Oh and then there is the website, snowpocalypsedc.com.

We're off to the carnival at the SA Livestock and Rodeo so I can get some pictures. Have a great WARM day!


Carrie said...

It is trying all of my restraint not to comment on the "young and can find things to keep them busy" comment. Are you ready to be Granpa Chuck? :D

cb said...

After 3 hours at the carnival with Jonathan, yes, yes I am ready to be grandpa. I'm not rushing things but I'd welcome it if for no other reason than it'll mean more photo subjects.