52/376 - Pears

My district had an early release day last Friday and so I entertained my last period students while they ate lunch in my classroom. Since I always have one of my recent pictures as the desktop for my computer they are used to commenting on the shots I take. So on Friday when someone said, "Who wants my pear?" and no one answered I said, "I'll take it and any others and use them for my photography!" I ended up with 9 pears. I also told them that if I took any good pictures I would credit them with the help. So here's the credit. I can't post your names on my blog but if you read this (not really likely), I'm thinking of you!

When I was editing this picture I played around with some stuff in PS Elements thus the soft faded edges. I'm REALLY pleased with how this turned out and may end up printing and hanging this one.

I still have one or two pictures from the carnival but I haven't taken the time to edit them yet and tonight was a late work night. I'll send up the carnival pictures tomorrow and/or Thursday.

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