66/376 - New Cup

New Cup
To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
           ~Joseph Chilton Pearce

Diane and I picked up some new Polish pottery yesterday. We got 2 cups (seen here) and 4 desert plates. The patterns are different but we really like this stuff. When we were in Europe 2 years ago we didn't get a chance to go over to Poland for some shopping but Diane and her sister make up for it. Michelle has gone over there a couple of times and sent us stuff back plus we've bought a few pieces here and there. I just like the colors and designs. Expect more with these beauties soon.

65/376 - Books of my youth

Hitchcock Books
Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
           ~Henry Ward Beecher (1813 - 1887), Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit, 1887

These are several of the first books that I actively chose to read. I was never a fan of the Hardy Boys but the fact that Alfred Hitchcock penned forwards to each book in this series made it exciting to me. I remember that I saved my own money and would go to the book store in Westbury Square to buy them. I'm not sure where #1 went (probably lost in the flood at my moms) and I'm fairly sure there were several more that I had but at least these survived. Once I found science-fiction I pretty much gave up on mystery novels. As far as I was concerned, no one could beat the likes Alfred C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury and my all time favorite: Isaac Asimov. But the Three Investigators were the ones that set me on a lifetime of reading.

64/376 - Roxanne (again)

I resume where I left off. Couldn't resist (I seldom can). I've been trying to decide if I want to advertise that I do pet pictures for $.

61/376 - Family Goofiness

family picture
At a certain point of my family portrait sitting, we started getting goofy. A couple of times, already, Ash had been poking people just before the shutter went off resulting in several funny faces. And then the cats decided to start checking things out. So we all decided to take a picture looking over at the cat. Silliness.

60/376 - Family Portrait

family picture
I decided that while Ryan and Ash were here we needed to do a family portrait. While I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go with this it took nearly 45 minutes of taking shots, downloading them, making changes then taking more shots. Thankfully everyone was patient with me. I think this turned out well but I also learned a couple of things in the process. The tripod needed to be higher and the second flash needed to be diffused early on.

59/376 - Eyes, self portrait

I got a bit behind on posting this week. Between visiting family and work, things have been crazy. In my continuing effort to do a self-portrait occasionally, I give you this. Not near as hard to do as the silhouette a few weeks ago but getting something that doesn't look evil or crazy did turn out to require a bit of work!

58/376 - Pears (again)

Pears and Reflections
Still working with the pears I got at school. I especially like how this turned out. I have been imagining it for several days now and it just worked out.

57/376 - Ryan

Spent the afternoon and evening with Ryan, Colin and Will (my 3rd son). It's nice to have him around even if it's only for a few days.

56/376 - Drum

The musician who showed this said it wasn't a congo drum but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called...besides "drum."

55/376 - Ducks

Friday was very busy and I got a bit behind. On Saturday I was taking photos for a church thing and spent a short while walking around the SA River. I thought this duck and babies were cute.

54/376 - More Pears

Pears on white
Another from my pear shots of earlier in the week. Over the last couple of days I've gotten a few new ideas for them so expect to see a bunch of pears over the next few days! For this blog post I'm not happy with the white border but when viewed with a white background it looks really nice.

53/376 - Lady Waiting

Carnival woman with blue ball
I'm not really sure what that blue ball is and I was perplexed as to what she was waiting for but it amused me. Also, (and this is probably a stretch) notice how the roundness of the ball is echoed in the man's stomach and the ride behind her? I was thinking all about that kind of thing when I took this (not!).

52/376 - Pears

My district had an early release day last Friday and so I entertained my last period students while they ate lunch in my classroom. Since I always have one of my recent pictures as the desktop for my computer they are used to commenting on the shots I take. So on Friday when someone said, "Who wants my pear?" and no one answered I said, "I'll take it and any others and use them for my photography!" I ended up with 9 pears. I also told them that if I took any good pictures I would credit them with the help. So here's the credit. I can't post your names on my blog but if you read this (not really likely), I'm thinking of you!

When I was editing this picture I played around with some stuff in PS Elements thus the soft faded edges. I'm REALLY pleased with how this turned out and may end up printing and hanging this one.

I still have one or two pictures from the carnival but I haven't taken the time to edit them yet and tonight was a late work night. I'll send up the carnival pictures tomorrow and/or Thursday.

51/376 - Ferris Wheel

Carnival Ferris Wheel
Artistically I think this picture beats trying to show the whole Ferris wheel. When I tried to capture the whole thing it was horrible distorted.

50/376 - Funnel Cake

Carnival Funnel Cake
Like I said, we were at the carnival yesterday. And who can resist funnel cake? A guilty pleasure if I ever knew one. Unfortunately I was too busy taking pictures to get a bite, and then we were gone. I did get some of Diane's caramel corn though! As Rach would say, "yummo!"

49/376 - Stuffed Bananas

Carnival Bananas
San Antonio is having its annual LiveStock Show and Rodeo over the next two weeks. Diane and I and some friends went out there on Saturday and I took this picture. It made me smile! More to come over the next couple of days.

DC Snow

My son and his lovely wife are living in DC where, apparently, the Gods of Winter have taken up residence. Earlier today I saw him playing WoW and he told me they had 20 inches of snow where he lives and there was 30 inches in an area about 30 miles north of them. They are young, have plenty of food and I'm sure they can find things to keep them busy for the weekend and possibly on Monday.

What really amuses me, though, is the various phrases people online or in the news have been using to describe this event. So far I've heard: "snowpocalypse '10" and "snomageddon." As I see more I'll edit this post and add them in. Oh and then there is the website, snowpocalypsedc.com.

We're off to the carnival at the SA Livestock and Rodeo so I can get some pictures. Have a great WARM day!

48/376 - Arthur

At best, Colin's cat "Arthur" puts up with me. Probably because I feed him sometimes. This is possibly the best picture I've ever gotten of him.

47/376 - Fortune Cookie

Don't you just hate it when you fortune cookie says "You're going die tomorrow."? I know I do! Even the whole 'In bed' add-on joke doesn't help.

45/376 - Fail Picture

egg in a pan
It was a great idea that I just didn't/couldn't finalize according to the thoughts in my head. Oh well, I'll try again soon.