16/376 - Chicken for Sliders

This is a shot of cooked chicken. It's not a great picture but it was the best of the bunch. Diane's family makes "sliders" - home made noodles cooked in chicken broth. There is usually much excitement when someone decides to make these as it was one of grandma's best recipes. To me the noodles are ok but I don't get all the excitement. They serve chicken on the side because that is how they got the broth. If it weren't for that they would only eat noodles. Tonight I had chicken for dinner. 

After a week of being back to school I see now that my plan for taking a picture everyday is not going to work out well. Since I started checking out other people's 365 Projects I find many who are giving themselves a little lee-way. For instance one man is POSTING a picture every day and it comes from what he has shot sometime in the last seven days. This seems more realistic to me because that way if all else fails I can work on several items over the weekend and post them as I edit in the evenings. So, for the next few days I'll be doing a bit of catching up in terms of getting my dates re-synchronized to the current day and then I'll be following the new schedule. So enjoy!

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Jess said...

Yay for more pics! I love the one of the candies and shouldn't be looking at chicken as hungry as I am... I'm working on that not over-eating thing - ugh! Hope you had a good weekend!