43/376 - Red Onion Bisected

Red Onion
I really liked the abstract quality of this picture. It was a lark because I was getting frustrated with the pictures I was getting and decided, "what the heck - why not do a macro shot of this onion?" Had I chosen a white or yellow onion I don't think it would have turned out near as nice.

42/376 - Little Onions

Little Onions
They aren't "button" onions (that's mushrooms) but Diane couldn't remember what they are called. I called them delicious in the stew she made!

41/376 - Coffee beans macro

Coffee Beans Macro
A macro shot of Diane's favorite bean. There is something about the color of these that really attracted me. I guess the natural lighting was just perfect.

40/376 - Beans in a Bowl

Coffee Beans
I see a lot of coffee bean pictures on Flickr and decided to try my hand at it also. While I like this picture I have a couple of ideas for something different in a couple of weeks.

39/376 - Bridge Shadows

Bridge Shadows
There is a bridge that spans the San Antonio river just south of Alamo St. right next to Brackenridge High School. The shadows were particularly nice on Saturday! This must be really new too because google maps doesn't even show it yet.

38/376 - W. R. Grace Plant

WR Grace Plant

The FickrSA Club met at Blue Star on Saturday and we wandered around the southern section of the San Antonio River. Just south of Blue Star is the old W. R. Grace "Big Tex" plant.

According to a October 21, 2009 www.mysanantonio.com article:
"After the removal of 2,000 tons of asbestos-contaminated dirt from a 7.5-acre site on the banks of the San Antonio River, environmental regulators finally have given the old Big Tex complex a clean bill of health.

The property was contaminated during the decades it was home to a processing plant owned by W.R. Grace, a company known to have sent millions of tons of vermiculite ore tainted with amphibole asbestos to more than 200 locations throughout the country.

Amphibole is a particularly hazardous form of asbestos that can cause lung cancer and other deadly illnesses.

Big Tex was one of W.R. Grace's largest sites, processing 124,000 tons of the tainted ore from 1961 to 1989. The company would heat the vermiculite until it expanded and then ship it off to be used in insulation and other building material.

The ore, from a naturally contaminated vermiculite mine in Libby, Mont., is so dangerous that diseases associated with asbestos were found at 60 times the national average in Libby, according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

The company remains in business and recently was acquitted of criminal charges by a Montana jury.

State health officials have said no ill health effects have been documented from the ore locally. But given the potential hazard, many of those who attended Tuesday's meeting from the nearby King William area were happy the asbestos is gone."

The black/white treatment of the picture represents my attitudes towards this company and the way they, 3M and other companies handled asbestos.

37/376 - Silo on the River

Silo on SA River
The FickrSA Club met at Blue Star on Saturday and we wandered around the southern section of the San Antonio River. Just south of Blue Star is the old W. R. Grace plant and this is one of the silos on that property.

36/376 - White Tulip Petals on White

White tulips on White
Decided to go a little different on this. I saw something similar with a white rose on white but since I didn't have any roses yet...

35/376 - Lemons and Daisies

Oranges and Daisies
Still working on the still life stuff. I seem to be getting better but it's definitely a struggle. The ones I take tomorrow will be different. I sure got a lot of use from the oranges lemons my mother gave us though!

33/376 - Breakfast Still Life

Day 33 - Breakfast Still Life
I was threatened that I better not harm her antique tray when I was setting this up! It remained unscathed. The bagel is from a new place over on 281 that makes the bagels on the property. They are quite good except this salt one was VERY salty.

32/376 - Pathway

Day 32 - Pathway

Another from my Sunday visit to Guadalupe River State Park. There is something about pathways that I really enjoy taking pictures of. Tomorrow I'll be changing subjects so stay tuned!

31/376 - Guadalupe River

Day 31 - Guadalupe River State Park
Another from my trip to Guadalupe River State Park on Sunday. This is a bit up river from the swimming area and far enough removed from rapids that it's really quiet here. In fact in the still air I could barely make out cows mooing farther up river. It was really nice except the mud from our recent rains. I'm looking forward to returning in the spring when things green up a bit more.

30/376 - Carved Stump

Day 30 - Carved Stump
Another from my trip to Guadalupe River State Park on 1/17. This tree stump has seen many better days but I like the carvings on it.

29/376 - Riverside Tree Roots

Day 29 - Tree Roots
Today I took a trip to Guadalupe River State Park to look around and get some outdoor inspiration. Since there was a thin layer of clouds, landscape shots were pretty much a bust. I did get several shots however that I was pleased with and will be posting them over the next few days. I especially like the texture to this one.

28/376 - Blue Vase and Yellow Daisies

Day 22 - blue vases and yellow daisies
Tried something different. The DPS weekend challenge is "Blue" and this attempt at a couple of blue vases seemed to be a bust so I decided to use a PhotoShop mosaic filter. It's not "realistic" but I'm reading a book on composition that says not everything HAS to be "realistic". Rather it's ok to put an "artistic" spin on things. For a bean-counter, that's just hard to do! Tomorrow I'm off to Guadalupe State Park for some landscape pictures. Hopefully I'll get several I'm happy with.

27/376 - Unknown Flower (Archive Pic)

Day 27 - Flower
I hadn't had my new macro lens for more than 6 weeks and was taking pictures of flowers at HEB camp. Even though it's out of focus I just liked how this came out.

26/376 - Roxanne

I'm still trying to get caught up and in front of this posting thing. After 2 weeks back at school it has become painfully obvious that taking a good picture each day is going to be impossible. This weekend is being dedicated to getting several pictures together for my project. Roxanne was a willing subject a couple of days ago. She's getting more and more comfortable around here. 

25/376 - Cone Flower (Archive Pic)

I got this picture this past June when Diane and I went to the Pearl Brewery Farmer's Market. I was fortunate to be looking at flowers at the time. In case you've not been, this farmer's market started in the late spring of 2009 and we were impressed enough to take a friend with us a couple of week later. I hear they are growing every week and we plan to make a return trip again as soon as things warm up. 

24/376 - Flower at Wilhelma Zoo (Archive Pic)

This flower shot was taken at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart Germany during the summer of 2008. I loved the colors!

23/376 - Nested Cats

Still working with lighting strategies. I was very pleased with this but I also did them with several colored gels that I might put all together into a collage. We'll see.  I also did a version of this as they sat on a white base but I think I like this black one better.  You can see the other by checking my flicker account. At least I got one picture today.

22/376 - Mission San Jose Door (Archive Pic)

I took this while with Colin at San Jose Mission in November. There is something about doors and pathways that I really like to photograph. After this, I am caught back up and should be back to posting on a daily basis.

21/376 - Poinsettia (Archive Pic)

I took this picture this past December 31st but didn't blog it. While a different style, I kinda like the way it's offset. 

20/376 - San Antonio Botanical Gardens (Archive Pic)

I'm still trying to get caught up on my daily postings. I spent several hours taking pictures today but would like to use them for my postings next week.

This shot was taken in 2008 at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. They have a really nice lake with a cabin and all on the property. I've taken several pictures there.

19/376 - Pomegranate

Trying to get caught up and then get ahead so I'll be able to post 1 pic per day is difficult! Also, you would think I'm a big fruit fan but not really so much. I mean it's ok but that's not all I have in the house!

17/376 - Nonpareil

As simple as they are, these are some of Diane's favorite candies. I took a few pictures of them and this was my favorite. Check out my Flicker account to see the others. I think they turned out rather nice.

16/376 - Chicken for Sliders

This is a shot of cooked chicken. It's not a great picture but it was the best of the bunch. Diane's family makes "sliders" - home made noodles cooked in chicken broth. There is usually much excitement when someone decides to make these as it was one of grandma's best recipes. To me the noodles are ok but I don't get all the excitement. They serve chicken on the side because that is how they got the broth. If it weren't for that they would only eat noodles. Tonight I had chicken for dinner. 

After a week of being back to school I see now that my plan for taking a picture everyday is not going to work out well. Since I started checking out other people's 365 Projects I find many who are giving themselves a little lee-way. For instance one man is POSTING a picture every day and it comes from what he has shot sometime in the last seven days. This seems more realistic to me because that way if all else fails I can work on several items over the weekend and post them as I edit in the evenings. So, for the next few days I'll be doing a bit of catching up in terms of getting my dates re-synchronized to the current day and then I'll be following the new schedule. So enjoy!

15/376 - Lemons and Wood Bowl

Someone gave my mother these lemons from their own tree. She passed them on to us. I had to take pictures of them because otherwise, what would I do with 6 lemons on the last day of winter vacation? I'm heading back to work tomorrow. Don't know how well I'll be posting from here on out.

14/376 - Dried rose on plate with reflection

I was searching flickr and ran across this picture which inspired my shot above. I'm not completely happy with this picture because I'm struggling with focusing (something about "old" eyeballs) so I might attempt a re-do later today.

13/376 - Kiwi

 There is something about kiwis that I like to photograph. Maybe it's the fuzz on the outside.