New Project?

I'm thinking about taking up a "365" project. In case you're not familiar with the concept it means you take and post a picture a day for an entire year. I've read others say that it really improves your skills because you have to think creatively almost all the time. They also caution you to not get weirded out if some of your shots are mediocre or if you miss a day here and there. The real goal is to take "planned" concept pictures. While I hate setting myself up for failure (because the likelihood of actually finishing this project is slim) I like the idea of pushing myself on this.

I'm not really asking your thoughts on the subject, just ruminating. If I decide to do it I'll probably start over the Christmas break so I get a bit of time in. While I'm sure I'll have no shortage of things to take pictures of (what with a macro lens and all kinds of tchotchkes around the house) I will also be interested in taking pictures of people and pets. If you have some ideas along those lines I'm starting a list.

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