11/376 - Apples

I was feeling better today and planned to take pictures. As I watched TV around 3:30 the light coming into my living room and dining room was almost too perfect to pass up. I had bought a wood bowl and matching plate (cheap) just for these kinds of shots. Unless Colin and I get out tomorrow or the next day you will probably be seeing some variations on these with other food items. 

It might have been better with the field of focus closer instead of on the stem but I like it anyhow. This really is a learning experience.

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Carrie said...

Holy crap, Batman! I have been wrapped up in my own ceiling fan hell and haven't read your blog all week! Are you okay? I'm so sorry you are spending your break in pain. I hope you feel better soon!

Great pics, btw. Roxanne is adorable, and I love the apple stem thing - very phallic. ;)