12/376 - Fading Away

Happy New Year! Like these flowers, 2009 slowly faded away. More to come soon!

11/376 - Apples

I was feeling better today and planned to take pictures. As I watched TV around 3:30 the light coming into my living room and dining room was almost too perfect to pass up. I had bought a wood bowl and matching plate (cheap) just for these kinds of shots. Unless Colin and I get out tomorrow or the next day you will probably be seeing some variations on these with other food items. 

It might have been better with the field of focus closer instead of on the stem but I like it anyhow. This really is a learning experience.

10/376 - recent kitty pic

I over did things yesterday and ended up watching a movie this evening instead of taking pictures. There is a part of me that is starting to think Roxanne is cuter than Desmond!

9/376 - My new Friend

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I fell rather hard last night. While my pride is still intact I am having quite a few aches and pains. Since I'm allergic to aspirin this has to get me through. It's NOT the same!

Just setting up and taking this picture aggravated my back and knee so I wouldn't hope for much tomorrow either!  

8/376 - recent kitty pic (Archive Pic)

So I spent part of the day shopping for some furniture and then came home and watched a movie with Diane and Colin. I had intended to shoot something but as I stepped from my living room up into my breakfast room I slipped on something and fell hard. Needless to say the whole thing took my picture taking desires right out of me. So instead, I grace you with a Christmas day picture of Roxanne as she is trying desperately to ignore that paper ball on the floor. The paper won! 

While deciding how I would handle those days when I don't get around to picture taking (which might be often) I determined that the best thing to do would be to list it as a POTD (picture of the day) failure but post a recent picture that I like anyhow. I hope you enjoy these "interludes."  

7/376 - Christmas entertainment

Looks like I have a lot of reading, watching and listening to do! On top of these items I got a pair of slippers, an Ansel Adams book, money, gumdrop cake and a present to be named later (hasn't been delivered yet). I also got a 5 in 1 reflector kit for my photography but I couldn't show it here because I was using it for this picture. It's wonderful!

6/376 - Gumdrop Cake

Larry (my brother-in-law) has become quite the cook in recent years. Awhile back he got his grandmother's recipe for gumdrop cake and has been making it ever since. I like it but there are others in my house who are not as fond of it. Every year Larry brings me a loaf. It's like my own personal stash!

5/376 - Pappadeaux

It was a busy day so I didn't get a chance to do some "polished" pictures. Additionally my flash was acting up while at my mom's so I didn't get anything there. However, since I was on the lookout and am interested in doing more night photography, I thought I'd let you know where we went for dinner. Having been raised close to Louisiana I am particularly fond of cajun food and Papadeaux has some great crawfish etouffee.

4/376 - Lily opening

My mom sent us some lilies for the holidays. 

The TV is a little better. I changed from an HDMI connection to composite and don't have the honking/barge noise. I'll wait till after the holidays to get that fixed.

3/376 - 24 Hour Furlough

My now 4 week old tv just returned from a week long vacation at the repair shop. They did a great job of fixing the picture. The sound, however, still resembles a barge horn or emergency signal at times. It's going back tomorrow and I'm afraid my planned holiday of watching movies is quickly fading away. It's not an artistic picture for today but it is what's on my mind right now.

2/376 - Phone Booth

Diane and I meet Carrie and Cori at The Cove for lunch today and then went to Starbuck's for coffee and desert. Since the "Photo a Day" project is still on my mind I snapped this while we waited for the restaurant to open. It just seems strange seeing phone booths. Not that I ever gave it much thought but I was under the impression that all phone booths were gone. What with the cell phone saturation. I know they are needed because poor and homeless people need communication devices also but I always figured that didn't mean much to companies that supply these things.

BTW, Guy Fieri from the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" swears by the fish tacos at The Cove. I wasn't really impressed and Carrie agreed. If we go back I think I'll try a hamburger or lamb burger. I think I'll also bring my laundry and wash my car while I'm there.

1/376 - And so it begins...

This is the start of my 376 project. 376 you ask? Because 365 just isn't enough! If you don't like that answer then you will just have to figure it out yourself. I've done a bit more reading about these projects and most everyone says to remember that this is not "A Masterpiece a Day" but rather "A Picture a Day!" I'll try to keep that in mind. It is also suggested that the photographer include a self portrait every so often. Finally, I may not get around to posting my picture everyday but I will shoot something and then post as soon as I get time. Please don't send me emails asking where my pictures are unless I get a week behind. :-)

I've been mulling over something like this shot for awhile (except the original idea was with both Diane and I) and it took me a couple of hours to actually execute it. To a degree it's supposed to be an homage to "Mad Men." Not only did I need to let the room get dark but I had to set up the flashes and then a bit of post processing. I hope you enjoy this and will follow me through this project. I'm looking forward to it.

New Project?

I'm thinking about taking up a "365" project. In case you're not familiar with the concept it means you take and post a picture a day for an entire year. I've read others say that it really improves your skills because you have to think creatively almost all the time. They also caution you to not get weirded out if some of your shots are mediocre or if you miss a day here and there. The real goal is to take "planned" concept pictures. While I hate setting myself up for failure (because the likelihood of actually finishing this project is slim) I like the idea of pushing myself on this.

I'm not really asking your thoughts on the subject, just ruminating. If I decide to do it I'll probably start over the Christmas break so I get a bit of time in. While I'm sure I'll have no shortage of things to take pictures of (what with a macro lens and all kinds of tchotchkes around the house) I will also be interested in taking pictures of people and pets. If you have some ideas along those lines I'm starting a list.