Cat Weekend

So a couple of weeks ago Colin moved back into the house while he switches roommates. Along with him came his two cats. Since it was going to be a relatively quiet weekend I decided to keep my camera out and use it on the cats when I had good chances. This first shot is of Arthur. This is Colin's oldest cat and has had a difficult time adjusting to the house and more kitty friends. It was very hard to get him out and in the open. I especially liked this shot however because it shows his serious side.

These next two pictures are of Roxanne. She is the sister to our Desmond. Her coloring is very similar but she is much more fluffy than Desmond. Also, she's the "queen!" She has appropriated certain pieces of furniture around the house and they are hers alone. She is very photogenic but hard to get her to keep still.

Obviously the picture below is of Beau. He's the oldest - nearly 11 years. While not very happy that there are two visitors, he has acted like a gentleman and leaves the others alone. I've rwally found that it's difficult to photograph him. Because of his black and white coloring it's difficult to get the blacks dark without turning the whites grey. Conversely, if I want pure whites (like he is) the black areas become harder to deal with.

And of course we end with Desmond. There is something that is just photogenic about him. When he sees the camera he starts circling around me and waits for me to take pictures. Like the shot of Arthur, this is a more contemplative shot.

Have I mentioned recently, how much I like our kitties? I hope you do too!