Summer vacation is coming to a close

Well it seems I'm feeling much more creative recently. It's probably due in part to the fact I now have less than one week till I report back to school. I was particularly pleased with these two shots of the blueberry pie. Diane made a pie last week (blueberries are incredibly cheap this year) and I kept saying I wanted to take pictures but my back was so tender I could barely get out of bed. So yesterday she made a second pie (like we need the calories around here) and this morning I was feeling good enough to do some shots. I spent some time last night going through the flickr site looking at shots tagged "blueberry" and was surprised at how few were well lit and looked "designed. The vast majority were just snapshot quality. Now, you might be inclined to say to me, "Chuck, I bet there just aren't that many people who take pictures of food and post them to flickr!" And I would respond with, "Did you know the '
Food Porn' pool of pictures on flickr has over 285,000 pictures?" That's a lot of food. And you would be hard pressed to find many bad shots there. If you are interested in seeing some of these amazing pictures of food click that little link!

Prior to today though I saw a picture on a Still Life pool where a guy had used his bone white, elongated coffee cups lined up and I decided to try my hand at that type of set up. I took several versions but decided on this one because the handles mimic the pattern of the back drop.

I re-started my picture taking with this shot. Several people have told me how much they like it but I think it's too busy. It was shortly after this that I decided to try and go simpler with some of my still life pictures.

And finally there is this picture of a silver sugar bowl with roses. I spent hours polishing this bowl (and trying several different concoctions to do it). We found the roses at the local HEB and I started cutting them down to fit. You'll notice, too, that several of these pictures include the acrylic sheets I bought earlier this summer for reflection work. It was while I was taking this picture that I realized just how hard it is to take pictures of highly reflective surfaces and not get your own noggin in the picture. Thankfully I have a remote trigger for my camera and I could stand off enough to the side that I'm barely visible.

Now, of course, Diane thinks I'm uniquely qualified to clean all the silver stuff we have around the house! Finally, I recently found Diane's grandma's cookie tin full of buttons. I'm planning on trying some abstract and/or macro shots of those this week. As soon as I get something interesting I'll let you know.


mom said...

Diane makes a delicious blueberry pie!!! Oh, the pictures are good too, I especially like the first one. As for buttons, if you run out, I found my old box recently.

Carrie said...

Those are great! But really - food porn brings a totally different thing to mind for me. :)