Still Life Practice

Since it was a long weekend I tried to get a bit of practice in. I was trying to get the new kitty to pose but she wouldn't cooperate so I moved to inanimate objects. Here is the best of the book shots.

Through the weekend, though I've been planning scallops for dinner. As I worked though it in my head I decided that this would be a good chance for me to cook something good and possibly get a couple of pictures too. This article includes only the best of my shots but if you click here, you can see a couple other pictures of the scallops, talipia, noodles and "pseudo" sauce.

The dinner turned out good and I'm reasonably pleased with the pictures I shot. As always, I need more practice, especially with the new flash setup. Specifically, I need to remember to use some sort of reflector on the opposite side of my flash to kill off a few of the harsh shadows. Given that, this picture of the scallops really pleases me.

Make sure and check out that link above and look for a new picture of Olivia! She's really a darling and is out to capture our hearts. As some of you heard, our older cat, "Moogie" was sick and passed away this weekend. She was a good cat and over the years since Ryan moved she had adopted me. Especially through her, I had grown to truly appreciate cats, their power to put someone into nap mode and their aloof love. She was a good cat and we were blessed to have her around for over 13 years. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of her so I'll not re-post it here. Know, however that we loved her dearly.

I hope you have a great week and spend some time watching the inauguration. I won't bore you with a long diatribe about the historical context of this swearing-in (just watch CNN or any network news and you'll get that). I will say that I am grateful we will now see some changes in how things are done on a national level.



Jess said...

My sympathies on the passing of Moogie... it is hard to lose a pet.

Glad you finally named your new baby.... guess #5 was a good name for a cat after all! :)

p.s. Your dinner looks delish! Great photos!!! YUM!!!

Carrie said...

Sorry about Moogie. :(

OK, still don't really understand about the packing for a trip camera bag. I mean, I do understand but not for taking pics of food! Is it just me? What I thought of when I saw your picture (after "YUM!") was that you should pursue a career in photography for restaurant menus. I'm totally serious!

mom said...

This may not get posted but Carrie, maybe I can answer some of your last question. It's possibly for texture etc but a lot of it is to irritate his youngest son, especially if it's of his dinner at a restaurant. This really bugs Ryan!!