San Antonio end-of-year walk-about

On Monday morning Colin and I decided to go downtown and take some pictures. He's just now looking at photography from an artistic perspective and suggested we go out shooting. I was excited to do so. I find I really enjoy going out and ambling around with someone else. And Colin seems to have a natural eye for some things.

After we stopped by Little Flower Basilica and got several pictures there, we headed downtown. Since I have covered most of the route that I took him on, I decided to look for lines and patterns. Both of the shots on this post are what I came up with. While the one below is kinda nice (I need to go back and take it head-on), I was really pleased with the top picture. I'm especially happy because the sun is in a perfect position to make shadows that nearly exactly match the lines of the fire escape. The stinking tree leaves in the top left are a bit of a distractor but otherwise I thought it worked well.

Now that the new years party is over I plan to spend some time today playing with my new flash. I did a little practice last night but none of the pictures are post-able (meaning the subjects will get mad at me for putting them on the internet!). Also, tomorrow, Colin is coming back for another walk-about.

I hope all three of you who read this (thanks mom!) have a wonderful new year! It's hard to believe we are already in 2009 and while I had a pretty darned good year, I know there are many others who struggled. I pray that this year will be better for all. Certainly bringing in a new president will help to get the ball rolling. Blessings to all!


GEM said...

Awesome pictures! Glad you're enjoying the holiday, SA has been beautiful

Sandra said...

Hey, I read your blog, too! Keeps me a way!

Mom said...

Mom can write as well as read! The picures are really great and I'm glad Colin has started getting involved ~ two heads can be better than one. I saw what looks like either a pot plant or a head in the window before I saw the leaves.