A new year, a new flash, a new kitty

Notice a trend in the title? Diane not only decided to get me a "good" flash for Christmas but also a spectacular subject to practice on. The "unnamed" new addition just got into the house about 30 minutes ago. I thought I'd post up a couple of early shots.

The funny face Diane is making is because "he, who has not been named" has already stolen her heart. Since I am leaving town in 2 hours you probably won't see many more shots till later in the week. Rest assured, though, MANY are coming. Take for example this shot of "he, who has not been named" and Colin.

Speaking of whom...Colin and his mother just left the house to go to the Humane Society for a kitty for him. I'm guessing this will be a "cat" year for our family.

Finally a solo shot. Don't you just love how my new flash captures his colors? Fine, I had to ask because, after all, it is ALL about me and my camera!

Have a great weekend! Please send cat food!

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Carrie said...

Whatta freakin' adorable kitteh!!!