New Presidency, new website

photo courtesy of: ktylerconk

Change has the official website of the White House. If this stuff interests you at all, check out the new website. Of particular interest is the official "blog" - look under "Briefing Room." While there is no place to leave comments to specific postings (think: "hey, send me some bail out money") there is a form to send email messages. What I was really impressed with was the first post that described some of the uses for this site and blog. Under the third priority of "Participation" they state that the text of all non-emergency bills will be posted on the site for 5 days before being signed by the President. This is to allow for further public comment.

I have already put this site into my Netvibes account so I'll be instantly notified of any changes/additions to the website. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you find a nice "News Aggregator" so you can watch stuff like this (or, my blog for that matter). Some possibilities include: Netvibes, iGoogle, Google Reader, Yahoo!, Pageflakes, etc...

Feel free to share this info with any social studies teachers you know. I'm sure they too will find it facinating and a great addition to their classroom.

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Carrie said...

Thanks for the shout-out to my RSS aggregator dilemma! Will add today!

BTW, Peanut was already in that mood. Not my fault.