Carrying my camera

Plane crash into Hudson River, originally uploaded by grego!.

I carry my camera and several pieces of gear in a backpack with me almost everywhere I go. People have laughed at me and at times people have questioned my compulsiveness. I usually shake it off and don't give it another thought. Seeing this, though, makes me more resolute in having my camera all the time. Whoever took this picture of the Airbus crash on the Hudson river yesterday had his/her camera with them and was ready to snap pictures and upload them to flickr on a moments notice. They were posting clear, usable pictures online before the media could even get to the scene. So far this picture has been viewed over 250,000 times and it's only been 28 hours since the accident.

Do I think I'll ever be first-hand on a news story and be able to photograph it? Actually, I hope not. But, you never know when a very pretty flower or sunset or building, etc. is going to appear out of the blue.

And then there's always my dinner at some restaurant. Sometimes, even that deserves a good picture! And Ryan so loves it when I take pictures of my meals.

Have a great MLK weekend!


Carrie said...

Dude, I carry my little teensy digital camera that is at least NOT on my phone...isn't that enough to capture the next Pulitzer-winning moment? Seriously, because I do not know anything about photography I do not understand the need to pack like you are crossing the Himalayas. Explain?

cb said...

Great camera that allows for LOTS more creative freedom. No doubt a point & shoot in the right hands can get a good snapshot but a dslr with "stuff" helps you control the picture taking process. I don't want to sound dismissive but there are lots of technical reasons that a dslr takes a "better" picture and megapixels are a very small part of the equation.

Plus this is my version of "cool toys!" Hope this helps!