Antiques Shopping

I got the newest version of Photoshop Elements tonight so I spent some time loading it on my computer and going through some of my shots from earlier in the year. Here are a couple of pictures I took while Diane and I shopped at the Warrenton Antique Market. I especially like the one above simply because it reminds me of my father. I didn't really go fishing with him much. My grandparents had a place on Lake LBJ when I was small and I vaguely remember him fishing up there. Otherwise, I went with him once or twice to the coast. But when he died, the one thing I asked for as a remembrance was his fishing tackle. Those coupled with some of the lures I found of my grandfather's really puts me into a wistful mood. Also, I just find old lures compelling. I threatened to start a collection at one time but found it to be very expensive. Almost like buying "antiques!"

While we were shopping, I just stumbled upon this shot and thought the mirror added something to it. Also, the donuts looked to be almost as old as the table they were sitting on. I hope you enjoy these. In the coming weeks, as I have time, I'll post more from the fall and last spring.

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Carrie said...

At first I thought those where marshmallows. That is the nastiest thing I've seen in a while. Ew.