I didn't take pictures on Christmas!

For probably the first time in a dozen years, I ended up not taking any pictures on Christmas day. It was mostly quiet around here and I just wasn't inspired. However, I have been taking pictures most every other day of my break. In fact, since Thanksgiving I've either been out walking around or taking "stills" around the house. The first shot I want to showcase is of my cat "Moogie" (Can you guess the StarTrek reference?) above. She was laying on the arm of a chair and I got the camera out. She decided to hang out and watch me. Isn't she cute?

Next up is this shot of a light fixture at the Municipal Auditorium. While not as grand as the Majestic Theater, the "Municipal" is still very pretty and photogenic. I took 15 kids from school to help out with the MUNSA (Model UN) simulation. Most of my time was spent visiting with my co-sponsor and taking pictures.

Finally, I decided to try my hand at a bit of "still life" work while I waited for my Christmas present to arrive. I bought a bunch of candy (bad decision!) and then tried using several different pieces of crystal. While not technically great, I learned a lot while practicing. Now that I have got my new fangled lighting kit you'll be seeing lots more of this kind of stuff.

Next up is a few goodies from a more recent walk around downtown. Have a great day!

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Carrie said...

You have an adorable kitteh, but no, I miss the Trekkie reference. :)