"Blue" or breaking the photography rules!

Blue, originally uploaded by Visualtricks.

I don't usually showcase other peoples pictures on this blog (although I might start just to get me to post more regularly) but I was searching for items to include in my upcoming class and found this shot.

Since most of you aren't regular photographers let me explain. There are certain "rules" for taking memorable photos. One of those "rules" is the "rule of thirds." Simply put, if you mentally divide the frame into a 3X3 grid you end up with 4 points where the grid lines intersect. Further, if you place your subject at or near one of those points your photo will generally end up being more appealing.

Rules, however, are made to be broken. This one easily breaks that rule but in doing so becomes even more appealing. Because of the simplicity (notice the ripples, however) of the blue water your eye is drawn all the way down to the far corner with the sail boat.

A "great" shot? Probably not. Well executed? You bet.

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Carrie said...

Is prettyful. I like!