"Blue" or breaking the photography rules!

Blue, originally uploaded by Visualtricks.

I don't usually showcase other peoples pictures on this blog (although I might start just to get me to post more regularly) but I was searching for items to include in my upcoming class and found this shot.

Since most of you aren't regular photographers let me explain. There are certain "rules" for taking memorable photos. One of those "rules" is the "rule of thirds." Simply put, if you mentally divide the frame into a 3X3 grid you end up with 4 points where the grid lines intersect. Further, if you place your subject at or near one of those points your photo will generally end up being more appealing.

Rules, however, are made to be broken. This one easily breaks that rule but in doing so becomes even more appealing. Because of the simplicity (notice the ripples, however) of the blue water your eye is drawn all the way down to the far corner with the sail boat.

A "great" shot? Probably not. Well executed? You bet.

Hanging out during Thanksgiving break

In what may well be the prettiest day of Thanksgiving break, I got up early and headed out to downtown SA for some photography. After the photo walk I took in August, I decided to park near the Alamo and start walking from there. While it's a cliche picture, I've never done one of the Alamo that I was reasonably happy with. Lately, I've seen many done at night with lights that I'll probably try soon. For now, you get this shot.

Speaking of cliche shots, the next place I ambled to was Casa Rio where I worked on my presentation of the multi-colored table umbrellas. With the sun just coming up, I thought this one turned out pretty good. Especially given that the river was very still at the time.

From there I slowly made my way down the river until I got to Main Plaza. Since I haven't worked downtown in several years I was surprised to find that the entire area has been re-worked (including permanently closing streets) along with the upgrade of the cathedral. I must say, it's looking quite nice. As soon as they finish the main courthouse, the entire square will be quite the showcase. Unfortunately when I got home I noticed this article about the city needing to make adjustments to the main plaza area because of ADA issues. In any case, I was particularly pleased with how this shot of San Fernando cathedral turned out.

In an effort not to make too long a post, I'll stop here. However, I did get several people shots while I was walking around. Stay tuned and within the next couple of days I'll get those posted too.

For the first time ever, both of my boys are spending Thanksgiving away from town and without us. It's kinda sad around here but we're getting along so far. Since this means a far smaller group than usual we decided to go out to a restaurant with my mother and aunt. It'll be a lot quieter than normal but nice - and we won't have dishes to clean for the next two days! I hope your Thanksgiving is good for you. Please make sure and take a small amount of time to devote to truly giving thanks. It's been a rough year for a lot of people, possibly even you, but there is always something to be thankful for.