Worldwide Photo Walk

In August I heard about and joined in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. It seems photo-walking is becoming quite the rage recently. In case you've not heard of them, a photo walk is an opportunity for multiple photographers to spend a period of time together in the same general area taking pictures. Most of the time the photographers don't have to take pictures of the same thing but rather share tips and tricks while taking pictures together. I'm thinking it comes from the old "Day in the Life of..." photography style in the '80's. I still have a couple of books from that series and was always intrigued and excited about being part of that type of photo experiment. In any case, I was glad to hear about this opportunity and see that San Antonio was having a group get together.

While on the walk I got to meet some really nice people who share my love of photography and I had a great day. Unfortunately, I spent so much time visiting with one man that I ended up taking far fewer pictures than I normally would. This picture, however, was one of my favorites. This guy was sitting outside of Pat O'Brien's in front of the Alamo. He was trying desperately to get our group to come in for lunch. It was really quite amusing. Since I didn't catch his name and we didn't visit, I can't incude him in my 100 Strangers project but he was impressive in his outfit. In fact several of us caught decent shots of the guy and you can see several of them by going to the following web site.

I will say, the pictures taken by various people around the world were quite impressive. If you're interested, go to the link in the first paragraph. I think you'll enjoy it too.