Catching Up

It's amazing how fast 3 weeks can fly by when you're getting back to work and trying to teach kids! I'd like to take a couple of posts to get caught up by finishing thoughts and pictures about our trip and then sharing a couple of pictures I took recently here in San Antonio.

So, we left off with a short note about our trip to Triberg and a couple of shots of the waterfall. Now I'd like to point out that that it wasn't all waterfalls in Triberg. No we also got a chance to eat a very tasty lunch, try REAL Black Forest Cake and visit another beautiful church.

Upon retrospect of the trip, we just didn't get enough time to truly explore some places. Triberg was especially one of the towns that fit into this catagory. We didn't get into town until close to 11am and by 6pm we were heading back to Stuttgart. It was nice walking up to the top of the waterfalls (I made it without my legs hurting!) and we got some good food and saw another church but there was loads more we could have seen through the town and areas close by. Before I close with a shot of a gnarly tree I found on the way up the waterfall hill, Please take a second look at the picture at the top of this post. This is the door to the parsonage next to "Our Lady of the Fir Trees" church. Both Carlos and I were taken by this shot with the umbrellas propped against the door.