Current Update

I'm sorry I seemed to drop off the face of the earth! We left Germany at 7am (midnight CST) on Wednesday and arrived in San Antonio at 11:15pm - a 23 hour day. We nearly spent an extra night in London as Northwest Air was looking for volunteers to be bumped for a very good price but alas we weren't chosen - a $2,000 return on my vacation expenses would have been a heck of a deal!

When we got home we had only two days to spend with my youngest and his new bride before they left for new pastures across the country so we were tied up with that.

Finally, late Saturday I decided to start working on pictures and found that my desktop computer was very full and needed to have files moved to another hard-drive. I'm in the middle of that chore.

Starting tomorrow I'll be able to sort through all my pictures, cull out the good ones and start posting a better representation of our trip. In the meantime, I hope you will wait and continue to monitor my Flickr account.