We're here, where are you?

While the flights and all were entirely too long, we made it to London at last. Unfortunately, neither of us got any real sleep on the planes so we were exhausted (21 hours awake) when we arrived and we couldn't get into our room (if you want to call it that) until 1pm. So we dropped off our bags and asked where a good place for breakfast could be found. Our host suggested that since he didn't know our likes he would propose we go to everyone's favorite:

So, yeah, our first meal in cheery ol' England was with Ronald the Clown. Thankfully, their idea of bacon is way different than ours and very yummy (yum-o as Rach would say).

Since then we got some sleep (napping in the British Library is quite the story), ate and walked considerably. We've seen Trafalgar Square, St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Paul's Church (the actors church), Waterloo bridge, Picadilly Circus (big circle where several roads intersect - think of it as San Antonio's 'Five Points' with electronic billboards), Covent Gardens (shopping & food), Spamalot at the Palace Theater (hilarious, except for the kid in front of us who nearly mooned Diane - there are sagging pants everywhere I go!) and more shopping. I'm sure I've missed a few places but my internet clock is running out.

I'll post more when we get to Germany and I have more time to think and write (and find places with internet access). For now I'll leave you with a picture of the mass of tourists I saw in the middle of the shopping district on Saturday afternoon. The one thing I've noticed the most is the huge crush of people.

Take care and comment if you'd like. I'd love to hear from you even if I can't write back just yet.


Sandra said...

Sorry you all are having a rough start to your vacation - I would have thrown a fit over the Mickey D's recommendation (as you can imagine)...hope the next place you guys are staying at is more comfortable. It's really amazing what a good meal and a good night's sleep can do - try and do both as often as possible! Oh yeah, make sure you do the fish and chips while you are there!

mom said...

Hey there...what were you doing sleeping in the British Library and was it more comfortable than the plane? Seriously, you wanted an adventure and you're getting one and it sounds like you're enjoying it very much. The sleeping when you get to Stuttgart will be better but the "rest" part may not be!! Anxious to hear more of your adventues.
Love you both.....stay well

jeanne said...

Brit's think ALL Americans love Micky D! Sorry you just didn't stop somewhere - anywhere for fish and chips!
Don't you just LOVE the crowds in London - yuk! you can have it! At least you got to see all the "highlights" while you were there. Did you do a double decker bus tour?
Germany should be more relaxing and with your own personal tour guides you will have a great time.