Timing is Everything

For several days now I have been getting up earlier and earlier in order to do a bit of time shifting in anticipation of the trip. London is 6 hours ahead of us and Stuttgart is 7 hours. Diane has been dutifully getting up with me and has offered minimal grumbling. I keep telling her she will thank me come Thursday morning. She's not so sure. The one nice part to this has been that we have been getting up and watching movies because, well, what else can you do at 4am besides drink lots of coffee? Anyhow, we've been catching up on old movies. On Saturday we re-watched "Wall Street", Sunday we finally caught up on "Ratatouille," Monday we saw "Legends of the Fall," and today we watched "The China Syndrom" (for the umpteenth time).

So the interesting part came after we finished watching the movie, changed channels and found that the SA Airport had a power outage at about 5am. Supposedly it didn't delay flights but according to the report I heard, the TSA screeners couldn't do their jobs which resulted in long lines of grumbling people waiting to get on airplanes. We appear to have dodged this bullet by 24 hours! I can hardly imagine what we'll have to go through starting tomorrow at 6:45am.

By the way, since I can't find any news shots, the picture above is my interpretation of a power outage at 5am. I hope you enjoy it.


Sandra said...

HA HA HA - You have no idea how much that last little blurb made me chuckle...thanks for making me chuckle, Chuck :-)

cb said...

Just call me "The Chuckler"

mom said...

Hope your efforts pay off, getting up at 4am can be a real bummer. Even coffee might not work!! Diane, I applaud you - you're trully one in a million.
I love you both.
Have a wonderful time in a wonderful part of the world.