Random Thoughts

Trip Plans
Most of these posts have been ridiculously long winded (like me). And they take forever to write and add good pictures. From here on out I'm going to be writing less. Tomorrow we are going to the Black Forest for the day. On Friday all of us will be heading to Trier and Normandy for the weekend. On Monday I'm thinking about heading to Heidelburg for the day and on Tuesday we are going to the Mercedes Benz Museum and a chocolate factory. Then we come home. I'll try to get more pictures posted in my free time!

Foods that made me think of my daughter-in-law, Ash
The ice cream people in Strasbourg are artists. I got a banana split that was a work of art in fruit and ice cream. You would love it.

If you ever come here, don't eat the weiss wurst (white sausage) or onion tarts/quiche. It's a texture thing!

Other Food Thoughts
I haven't had nachos or tacos in 3 weeks and I'm just now missing them. However, a breakfast taco stand in Petite France, Strasbourg might make a killing - pretty much all we could find was bread and VERY strong coffee on Sunday morning.

I've heard of currants but never had any. Tart but good. Today we are macerating some red currants to put over ice cream.

It's impressive the things the Germans can do with pork!

Michelle has been trying to convince Diane and I that we should work for the DoD as teachers. Seems there are 2 openings here in Stuttgart this year. One is for a kindergarten teacher and the other is for middle school teacher. Hmmmm, Eric and Kathy what can you do to entice me to stay?

Michelle had mentioned how fresh things here are but I was skeptical. As we prepare to leave I'm sorry I'll end up missing out on so much fresh food. I'm not just talking about fruit, vegetables and bread. At every "farmers market" we've been to there has been cheese people, sausage stands, butchers and flowers.

I think I could learn conversational German fairly quickly. If you sound out the words, it's amazing how you can decode things. On the other hand, it's also also amusing how they compound words. For instance, today we were at a store and Diane found some "basmatireis" or Basmati rice. There are words like this everywhere. It's so amusing that we've even started making up our own words. For instance, Zoe, the boxer dog appears to have a problem traveling in the car so Diane and I started calling her the "barfnhoundn."

I knew it before I came but I must continually remind myself that this trip would not be possible in it's current form had it not been for Diane's sister and brother-in-law. If we had to pay for hotel rooms and meals like real tourists I probably wouldn't have been able to stay but for a week to 10 days, not 23 days. We are truly blessed. Michelle swears she's not tired of me (she and Diane could crochet together for weeks!) but I might be tired of her and Carlos if the rolls were reversed!

You Can't Go Home Again
My grandmother's family immigrated to Texas from Pforzheim, Germany. We are staying 25 minutes away from that town. I went there to look around because I do a bit of genealogy. In 1945 the town center was leveled by American bombers. Since then they have rebuilt but it's more 60's modern than anything else. Additionally there are over 100,000 people in this town. I never did find a cemetery. 30 minutes farther along the road is Karlsruhe. Another "town" with 285,000 people. I'm sure that if I came here specifically for genealogy purposes and had a real plan of attack I could find some valuable stuff. Not this trip. There are way too many things that interest me and I'm like a kid in a candy shop. Which brings me to...

Another Castle? Sure!
On the second day we were here I said something to Carlos about exploring lots of castles. His response was "Ok, but after awhile they all start to look the same." I told him that didn't bother me. I haven't gotten tired of them yet! Above is a picture of Hohenzollern that I took yesterday.


Ash said...

its nice to know that you are thinking of me! It's a texture thing....

Shea said...

No!! You can't move... the lunch bunch cannot handle the loss of another member!

Sandra said...

Still waiting for MY food dedication :-) You and Diane have seen some very impressive sights on your trip. Can't say this enough - I am SO jealous!

Go Rebels! LOL!

Carrie said...

Reasons to move:
1. the dollar sucks
2. not living in the bully country that has no culture
3. no Bush
...but you should stay. :)

German is easy because English is a Germanic language. But because over the centuries we've stolen from just about everyone, English has become "upgefuckt". :D

mom and mom b said...

You really are you mothers son - I loved the castles too!! Your writings aren't long-winded, they are great and sound just like you (a compliment). Sounds like you and Diane have seen a lot while you've been there - think what you could see if ya'll taught over there. I agree with Michelle about the DoD possibilities! Have fun in the Black Forest with all those noisy clocks!! I love you both.