Don't Trust Tour Books!

The tour book I was using told me that the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace happened at 11:30 am Monday through Saturday and 10:30am on Sundays. So we discussed trying to see this "classic" tourist attraction on Sunday morning. Needless to say, we got to running late on Sunday and then our bus took a detour (construction) which meant we didn't make it by 10:30. So as we entered the Palace Grounds we decided to stroll along the little lake on our way up to the palace. Along our way we ran into an elderly man sitting on a park bench with nuts spread out for the local critters. People were swarmed around the guy taking pictures as he was trying to sit still and patiently wait for his friends. Finally one lone squirrel came around but wouldn't hold still for long. He ran off. By this time I was also taking pictures but from a bit farther vantage point. After a few minutes most of the gawkers moved on but we stayed there while I snapped a few more pictures. All of a sudden, Squirrel Guy let out a couple of shrill whistles and hollered for "CJ" to come over. Sure enough, after a couple more minutes, here comes "CJ' looking for peanuts and posing for me.

The stick on the side of the man was used to scare off birds. Squirrel Guy apparently had a system and was a regular on the grounds.

As all this happened I kept hearing loud noises over the next ridge but didn't pay much attention. It was later when we found out that the changing of the guards also happens at 11:30 on Sundays and we missed it. Ah well, I think this shot of Squirrel Guy was worth the miss.

The picture below is of some of the guards as they returned to the palace after the "show."
I just love their hats. I think I need one to wear at school! At least I got some sort of picture.

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