1st Weekend Trip: Garmisch-Partenkirchen

pre-script: for those of you from an earlier age (mom(s), I'm talking to you!), in case you didn't notice, some of my posts have words that are light blue (remember that I'm color blind)...these are links that I have purposefully inserted into my writing for you to click on for more information. That's how this "blog" stuff is supposed to work. Hope you use and like it.

Now for the real post:

While in London Michelle called Diane and said, "Do you have any plans for the 1st weekend when you get here?" Diane answered in the negative and Michelle proceeded to tell her that Carlos had tentatively booked 2 nights in Garmisch at the military run Edelweiss Resort. We were to share a "family" room that sleeps 6 and we could split the cost between us. Supposedly, finding a room available at this place on short notice is nearly impossible because a lot of our active duty troops use it for healing and R&R. We jumped on the idea and told them to go with the plans. Needless to say, it was very nice. Not to frou-frou but very nice.

We started our trip on Saturday morning at about 7am. Although we couldn't check into the room until 1pm the girls wanted to shop in Garmisch and Carlos and I wanted to do a bit of picture taking. The night before I found that we could stop in Ulm (1 hour away from Stuttgart) and get pictures of the tallest church spire in Germany. Additionally this is the town where Albert Einstein was born and a tailor there tried to glide off a river bridge using a para sail design that was close to workable. When we got to Ulm, a farmer's market had set up shop in front of the church and it was great. I had all sorts of picture taking possibilities (colors!) and the pastries and cheese and fruit was absolutely great. We ended up spending two hours walking around, touring a very nice cathedral and snapping pictures.

After leaving Ulm we went on to Garmisch. The countryside continued to get greener, more mountainous and gorgeous. In case you are not familiar with the area, the place we were going to is in Bavaria and part of the Bavarian Alps. On the way we passed through Ettal and snapped a couple of pictures but otherwise tried to make good time. We arrived in Garmisch about 1pm. The girls headed off shopping while the boys checked into the hotel (as I said, a much better one than the London "hotel") and returned to city center for picture taking.

Because of all the German food we had eaten recently we decided to dine at the hotel and have hamburgers (small children and all) and make an early night of it. During the night it rained but on Sunday morning it looked like it was going to clear off. At the top of this post is a picture of what the nearby mountain looked like at 6am. We decided that since it was such a fine day we would go see the nearby Neuschwanstein castle (the one Walt Disney used for inspiration in making Disney Land).

It's taking lots longer to write this than I planned and I need to finish packing to go to Strasbourg, France for the weekend. Rest assured there is more to this story and I'll finish writing about touring castles in the rain, and pizza in small towns in Germany as soon as I get back.

In the meantime au revoir! And don't forget to click on the links to my pictures. I think you will enjoy some of them!


mom and mom b said...

Sounds like you and Diane are thoroughly enjoying your vacation (as long as you can fit in the bathroom!). I know you're giving that camera a workout but there are so many beautiful things to capture and Diane, don't let a shop go unchecked. It's so good Michelle has been there long enough to know the "good" places and maybe you can find a few new ones. I see they still have the wonderful outdoor markets with all the fruits etc. It's a shame we don't have that here! Chuck, thanks for the colored words that I can click on, that is very thoughtful of you and I have gone back and checked all of them. I had wondered what they meant. I love all your blogs and Cricket can hardly wait for each new one so I can read it to her too. Have fun and I love you both.

Your friend Sandra said...

OK, in your Germany flicker pics, you show a dude buying his "girl" a flower. What a CHEAP-O! He bought her ONE stupid Zinnia?!? I would have smooshed it right into his Euro forehead!!!

The pic with that older couple sitting on the bench with the funky body language...I love that picture - it actually almost moved me to tears because it just evoked emotion. All of your pics are just stunning, Chuck! I want to see more with you and Diane actually in them. Embrace your tourista - or in your case, touristo ;-)

Oh yeah, and what the fro? You didn't dedicate any pics to me - Shelley got the Cordon Bleu pic :-(