Summer Trip Update

The last two weeks of school have been quite busy, what with summer school preparations and all. And then I started having internet connectivity problems. Hence no posts recently. However, I have completed all the early, mandatory travel plans. We now have paid reservations from here to London, London to Stuttgart and then the return trip back to here a month later. I also have made reservations at a B&B in London for 4 nights. I can't tell you how excited I am to go on this trip. We have only, ever done a small amount of traveling and I seldom dreamed of going to Europe for an extended time.

And to add more excitement, the adult daughter of my friend Carrie recently spent a week in London. You can find her pictures at this post. I am particularly fond of the shots she took at the London Tower (see above - if Rhiannon wants me to remove I will, but I love it!) and British Museum.

4.5 weeks, Yikes!

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