One of my favorite blogs is Digital Photography School. I can't tell you how much I've learned about photography from reading (and re-reading) this site. Every week they host a different "assignment" and you have to develop an idea, take a picture and post it for consideration. This week I posted a pic for the 2nd time. The subject was "sharp" and I tried several ideas. Next week the subject is "Natural Framing" - I've got a couple of ideas for that.

I'm usually either too intimidated to post something (it has to be new) or I just plain don't have time. This picture doesn't hold a candle (or wine bottle for that matter) to most of the pictures in this competition but I hear that the more I push myself to take and post pictures, the better I will become.

I just wish I could learn everything in 3 weeks!

p.s. I've often wondered why a man (me) who doesn't drink, has a corkscrew in his junk drawer. I've never come up with a reasonable answer. Drop me a line in the comments if you can think of one!


Carrie said...

Because you like to entertain? Honestly, some sparkling cider has corks!

But of course the correct answer would be in case Carrie comes to visit, because I am all about wine!

mom said...
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Mom said...

Could it be that it's a gadget and we do like gadgets!! Just don't throw it away cuz you'll definitely need it then!