Get Smart!

Several months ago, Diane told me that Steve Carell (who I'm not usually a fan of) was starring as Maxwell Smart in the new movie of Get Smart!. I found the idea very amusing and we looked for an ad or trailer. Both of us figured that he might make a pretty good Max based on his looks and physical comedy. We also decided that this was one movie we needed to see at the theater and made plans to catch it during the opening week. Thursday, things broke in my favor and I got out of school at a reasonable hour so we headed out for a matinée (yes I'm cheap).

Even though The Cranky Critic disagrees, we thought this was a fun movie. You don't need to have seen Get Smart TV episodes in order to follow the story line but the director (Peter Segal) did a great job of intermingling some of the sight gags of the original show without being horribly intrusive. We, as well as other audience members, laughed at numerous jokes, both physical and verbal (BTW, Thursday matinées don't seem too crowded). Additionally, Get Smart can be seen as an action movie. There are several decent stunts and the whole thing hangs together quite well. Unless you happen to be a movie snob, most people I know will enjoy the 110 minutes of relaxation this movie will bring.

Several week ago a friend of mine wrote that she had seen a trailer for the newest Batman movie (The Dark Knight) and that it excited her. Well, actually, what she saw of the acting of Heath Ledger excited her, but I digress. I finally saw the same trailer and must say, from a man's perspective, this looks pretty good! I could obviously be wrong (I do that once or twice a year) but it looks like this will have a reasonable story line plus good graphics. Being into photography (and not so much, words - like Diane) the cinematography looks to be very well done and yet not overly dark as has been the case with some of the other movies. Too bad we'll be "out of country" when this premiers. I guess we'll have to catch it during that week we'll have available when we get home.

OK, since we're down to 11 days till trip time, I need to be off getting some last minute items and start a packing list. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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Carrie said...

1. You must see the 40-year-old Virgin! Steve Carrel rulez!

2. Even I think the posthumous Oscar talk is a little out there, but Heath looks phenomenal. And I haven't seen a Batman movie since 1989. So there.