Fried Macaroni & Cheese

Setup #1
My mother used to make fried macaroni & cheese. While I've never taken the time to recreate it, supposedly she took cooked shell pasta, added grated Colby/cheddar cheese and then dropped it all into a cast iron skillet to fry. It was very yummy and I'm not really sure why I've never made it except that my children think I'm crazy and that my heart will explode all over the table. They aren't all that healthy themselves but Ryan usually makes sure to let me know just how bad I'm being.

Setup #2
On Saturday mornings Diane and I get up and watch GMA, followed by local news until 9:00am and then switch to the TV Food Network. There it stays as we go about our daily business through the house until we decide to watch a movie or something. So, each Saturday I'm subjected to various food network people enticing me with great recipes. Most of time I'm barely paying attention because I'm looking at the laptop computer and surfing for something important. Paula Deen, however, amuses me. I'm always surprised when she makes something without lard or butter (extra, preferably).

The Main Point
So yesterday I come walking into the living room and Diane says, "Look, Paula is making fried macaroni & cheese. You want to watch?" and I figured, "Cool, my mom was way ahead of the game and Paula is gonna recreate mom's recipe." Boy, was I wrong.

As I looked at the TV, Paula was cutting chilled, pre-prepared, macaroni & cheese into 15 "chunks." I figured, "OK this might make it easier to put into the cast iron skillet and retrieve." But no - there was more. Next she wrapped a slice of bacon around each chunk. Now I thought, "This is a little different but, hey, bacon makes everything better!" Then, Paula took each bacon wrapped chunk and started dredging them in flour followed by egg and bread crumbs. It was then that I realized, "She's gonna DEEP FRY the things!" And that's exactly what she did. Amazing!

So Paula has definitely outdone mom and I'm pretty sure that if I try to make these things I WILL have some sort of heart attack. But really, I know the ice cream loving Diane might argue with me but, could there be ANYTHING better than deep fried, bacon wrapped, macaroni & cheese?

I've provided a link to the recipe. If you cook it before me please drop me a line and let me know what you think. If you survive.


Carrie said...

OMG - In HEB the other day, my daughter and I saw some fried mac & cheeze bite sized snacks and we thought, "Ew, how gross! Do we (as a culture) have to freakin' deep-fry EVERYTHING?"

Well, if you're Paula Deen, sure. I'm gonna try this recipe. But it's good to know your mom did the original.

Sandra said...

If you die, you would die a HAPPY man!