Easter Egg Hunt

Every year the kids I mentor at church help the Knights of Columbus hold an Easter egg hunt. I always take my camera because I want to document what the Squires are doing, but this year I also took some random shots of kids. I was especially fond of this one. I don't know who the kids are but they are definitely enjoying the "fruits" of their labor.

What is it about watching a kid whack a cartoon character (hanging by a rope) with a big stick? I always think, "Don't you watch America's Funniest Home Videos?" Oh, yeah, it's the candy that comes flowing out...

Nope, he never did see it. Some other kid was looking up and snatched it. Took awhile, though.

You see the kid above whose mom is wearing pink? Yeah, I don't want to teach him when he gets to be a middle schooler. He obviously needs too much help. jk :-) Actually, in an earlier shot the mom is holding him back because he thinks everything is fair game and he doesn't want to wait. Seriously, sometimes you just happen upon a great setup for a picture.

Finally, there is a reason why people in bunny costumes freak out my adult son. I know the guy under here. My son should be afraid! But his costume makes him look so cute! If you couldn't tell, I had a great time taking these shots. Early morning light, kids, colorful baskets and eggs, smiling parents, everything you could want.

I must go to the gym now, to prepare for the trip. Ya'll have a great weekend.

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