Hibiscus - Pink, double

About a week after I found the lizard I went out to our backyard and happened upon this hibiscus bloom. These are some of my most favorite plants and this variety is especially hardy. I was especially pleased with the depth of field I was getting compared to the Olympus C-3000 I had before this.

I have never been too much of an "artist." I think my color blindness gets in the way of some of that. Plus it's very easy for me to develop an attitude of "Life is a wave and I'm just floating with it." But I have noticed that when I carry my camera around I tend to see a lot more than I when I don't have it. The mere possession of a camera forces me to look for things to photograph.

I want to be more artistic. I want to take better pictures. So I carry my camera everywhere. Oh, and it drives my youngest son nuts - all the better!

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