Flower Petals

This is a bit artsy but I really like the flow of the petals. Taken in Seattle last July.

Hangar Doors

I just like this. Unfortunately, it's not as nice here on the blog. Probably because of the black background. Oh, well.

What a Clown!

For some reason I was amused by this clown!

San Antonio Riverwalk


This walkway is close to the Central Library and thus less crowded on a Saturday evening.

Flowers on The Riverwalk

A stand of plants/flowers found on The Riverwalk in San Antonio.

Little balls of doughnut goodness!

I made these doughnut holes this morning from a recipe I got at King Arthur Flour. They are called Vermont Doughnut Holes. I know I'm becoming a tool for this company but I've yet to make a recipe of theirs that didn't turn out great. Here is the recipe link!

Sourdough English Muffins

These are the English muffins I made last week. They were great and they really freeze well. To find the recipe click here!

Cinnamon Rolls

This year a resolve to take more pictures and post them...but it may be on Google+!

I made these today because I've been telling Diane for weeks that I was going to. I finally got up and just started cooking. They were/are yummy!


Crystal was the youngest of the group. She had a cute demeanor and is very photogenic.